Vision & Mission


To be a foremost name in management education it's very essential to educate leaders and practitioners through original and better learning. With the aim of enriching mankind by creating socially responsible and influential individuals and companies


ISTM has always believed in bringing high-quality management education through distance learning across the world. Students can learn from anywhere and anytime. The courses have the latest knowledge with international capability.

ISTM is committed to using intellectual resources for shaping business knowledge and shaping up future leaders. In this world, different cultures and technologically advanced social spheres are made by quick change and difficult assurance, we believe in legitimizing businesses and their leaders to figure out the changes which matter to the world.

Our aim is to create effective and unique leaders for the future with the efficiency to prepare for and bring a difference in international business and the professional environment. At ISTM we believe that our students will become the best and successful managers in a short span of time.

Therefore, students from our authorized and approved courses can be very hopeful that they hold a domestic and overseas award which will open so many avenues for great job opportunities.

Our principles

Providing a global vision

Providing bring qualified and effective professional managers.

Providing add intellectual supremacy

Providing a logical approach to find out business problems and their solutions

Providing practical knowledge on a daily basis

Providing a wide range of knowledge of concepts, morality, and techniques valid for dynamic administration and business management.

Providing high-quality distant education for students.

Providing help to those students who had to leave their studies for financial constraints

Helping students in learning the importance of CSR and the environmental impact of business.